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PROJECT TEAM :- Our Project team help customer by providing good quality,ideal price and prompt completion of works.The team is committed to a mission of delivering unique,high-value custom window treatments and other decor.

WE ALWAYS:- PROMISE WHAT WE CAN DELIVER,AND DELIVER MORE THAN WE PROMISED. Project Manager- At this position our team members are determined to implement the exact needs of client,based on their rich and firm knowledge about the industry and current requirements.

Senior Project Executive- Senior project executives tries to minimize the gap between production team and client with fair knowledge about his work and responsibilities. Project Executive- Our Project Executives make sure about the goals of the company and project requirements to maintains its scope, schedule, and budget so that projects must deliver value.


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At Round Core LLC, we are passionate about our brands that represents high quality of interiors and all kind of furniture matched with our personal service that is second to non.Since our foundation, we have worked hard to build strong relationships with all the leading manufacturers, allowing us to combine their expertise and experience with our own to pass on to our customer

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